The World of Computer Crime

Digitalization does not stop at criminal law and criminal procedure. Cybercrime is the term used today for internet-related crimes. Criminal statistics from the Federal Police Office define cybercrime as “criminal acts that take aim at the internet, data networks, information technology systems and their data, or acts that use information technology as a means of committing the crime.” (Source: Police Crime Statistics, Report 2014, p. 313)

For criminal law experts of every profession, the field of internet crime presents a new challenge in respect of substantive criminal law and criminal procedure. In cooperation with the Chair for Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure and the Philosophy of Law (Prof. Dr. Hans Kudlich) and the Chair for IT-Security Infrastructures (Prof. Dr. Felix Freiling) we conduct research on the legal and technical issues of punishability and enforcement of cybercrime.

The cooperation here between computer scientists and jurists is not limited to research. Joint classes have been conceptualised and held.