Criminal Procedural Law in action

Criminal Procedural Law in action 

The fictional main trail takes place in a real courtroom

Each year a trial simulation game takes place a part of Professor Safferling’s lecture on Criminal Procedural Law. The participants simulate a complete criminal trial over the course of an entire semester, from the initiation of preliminary investigation proceedings, through interim proceedings, to the main proceedings, which in turn culminates in the final trial.

The fictional Bench in the pre-trial hearing

The focus of the concept is always on linking theory and practice. The idea of a “process simulation game” accompanying the lectures therefore aims to give students a practical approach to criminal procedural law and to illustrate what is usually only taught in theory in university education. The students independently draft written pleadings which meet the requirements of criminal proceedings both in form and content, and convince with their legal arguments in oral hearings. The fictional main trail then takes place in a real courtroom in Erlangen.