Prof. Dr. Christoph Safferling teaching in Courtroom 600
Photo: Kurt Fuchs / FAU

The Chair is dedicated to implementing modern learning approaches. Teaching at the university level is not limited to merely conveying knowledge, but also aims to develop skills. The inclusion and involvement of students is the foundation for good and successful teaching. Independent problem-solving does not have to be limited to seminars, but can also take place in the context of group tasks in a lecture setting. This also includes taking into account actual practice in criminal procedure, which is not only based on lectures by practitioners but also involves students gaining experience through simulations. Moot courts, too, belong to standard university training. These promote the development of debating and presentation techniques, and – in an international context – this can naturally take place in English.

Finally, our teaching is also interdisciplinary. We teach in cooperation with historians and experts from the social sciences, as well as scholars in psychiatry, medicine, and IT, in particular IT forensics.